Is 13year old quaker to old to breed?

by jonny
(Central New York)

HI i just bought a pair of blue quaker parrot,i was told they where 3 years old. but when i got them home there leg band say 1998 that makes them 13 years old. Is 13 years old to old to breed?

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Aug 18, 2011
Quaker too old to breed?
by: The Avian Vet

Make sure that the number you are looking at is the actual year, not the id number. Bands are generally written the same: there is a three or more letter code that identifies the breeder, then there is a series of numbers, from 1 digit up to 4-5 digits. This is the bird?s identification. Not all bands have a state code or a date. The state code is the 2-letter abbreviation for the state and it is written ?sideways? to the other information. If there is a date, it is usually depicted a a 2-digit number, also written ?sideways? and usually smaller font. I feel confident that they should be able to breed at that age, but no one has done any age studies on these or any other birds, especially related to reproductive output.

Dr B

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