Is a regular light bad for a bird?

by Angela
(New York)

I live in a wooded area and my house doesn't get very much natural light through the windows, especially on cloudy days. Even though my birds' cage is right near a window I leave the room light on during the day. She did suffer from night terrors, so when she is covered for the night I use a night light in her room. The night light doesn't really provide enough light during the day and I don't want my bird sitting in the dark. If I accidently turn the room light off, she lets out a loud chirp letting me know she's not happy. Is having the light on all day harmful to the bird?

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Oct 11, 2013
Is a regular light bad for a bird?
by: Linda

Your bird is starving for full spectrum light. Birds cannot live and grow right without full spectrum light. What comes in a window is not even close and won't even keep plants alive in most cases. Find some full spectrum lighting, and this is not the bulbs that Home Depot and Lowe's carry that "look" like natural sunlight. They are the ones that are full spectrum. There are some found here, and I buy my bulbs from a place called NaturesSunlite, and internet address is Make sure you are buying full spectrum lights whichever way you go. Fosters-Smith also sells full spectrum lights. All indoor animals have to have full spectrum lights or they will suffer all manner of illness from lack of natural light.

So, yes, the regular light is bad for your bird in that it is providing absolutely nothing good for bird. For nightlights, we use the kind that are sensitive to light and come on when room gets dark. Birds cannot have hardly any light in their room when trying to sleep, so don't use regular bright nightlights. Your bird is suffering in many areas here, and you need to try and get this solved before bird becomes very ill.

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