Is an ultrasonic no bark device harmful to my parrot?

I bought "bark off", a small device that can be used as needed inside (or carried in your pocket outside) to distract your dogs from "nuisance" barking. When you turn it on It emits a sound humans cannot hear but dogs can hear. Can my bird hear it? Is it possible to damage his hearing or cause any other ill effects? I don't want to try it until I find out.


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Jul 30, 2015
Ultrasonic sounds and parrots
by: Anonymous

I hope someone will add some scientific evidence one way or another. It might save a lot of big parrots from being homeless if something like this would work, so they don't get kicked out of their apartments, etc.

Sep 11, 2010
Ultrasonic device around birds
by: The Avian Vet

I do not think that it will harm your bird. You should avoid using it when you are in close proximity to your bird in case it is a frequency that he can hear. But those devices are typically a single frequency that has been chosen specifically for a dogs hearing range.

Dr B

Sep 10, 2010
Is an ultrasonic no bark device harmful to my parrot?
by: Linda

I'm not sure about it, and I do think it will be harmful to your bird AND your dog. To keep dogs from nuisance barking, they have to be trained. Of course, training takes much longer than buying one of these devices which may or may not work. Birds also have very sensitive hearing, and I would think this device could cause them some discomfort. To make sure about it, call an Avian Vet and tell them exactly what you have and whether they think it will be harmful to bird.

As I said earlier, dogs can be trained not to bark, and even older dogs can learn new things. You will need to consult with a certified dog training organization. Not the kind that trains attack dogs because they ruin more good dogs than anyone has a right to. No, contact people really interested in helping you with your dog's training, and you can find them by doing internet searches and weeding through a number of them.Some of our readers may also have a few suggestions as to who to contact.

If vet says this device is safe for bird, then it can be used, and nothing takes the place of good old fashioned one on one training with a person working with their dog or bird.

Thanks for writing,

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