Is he eatin, or just crumbling his pellets?

by Judy
(Cocoa Beach, FL)

My Amazon is being fed your organic pellets (plus veggies, fruit, beans, seeds).
However, I can't tell whether or not he is eating his pellets or just crumbling them.
He is happy to take 1 from my hand, but most of it seems to end up on the floor. Same with his feeding cup. I give him 1/3 cup, but it never seems to get all eaten, just crumbled. Is this normal? Am I giving him too much fresh food & he's just plain not hungry, and 'playing' with his pellets?
Your opinion?

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Sep 26, 2012
I like your article
by: chaydel

I,too, observe the same thing with my birds. Sometimes they seem to eat more than other times. If you notice, when they really like something, little of it is dropped. On the other hand, they seem to crumble the most expensive foods, or simply toss them into your face/floor when they have had their fill, or are simply not ready.

I am interested in other view points. This can be so frustrating. I say stop that particular food for at least 2 days, and then pick it up again.

Most of my birds like frozen peas, just about any of the time, or when I bake bird bread. Some like it dry and warm, some a little damp, but never when it is stale.

Sep 26, 2012
Is he eatin, or just crumbling his pellets?
by: Linda

YES, you may be overfeeding him, and he will get fat and unhealthy as a result. Amazons tend to eat regardless of what it is they're eating to the point of having dangerous fat on their bodies. Birds are not supposed to have fat, and having it results in all kinds of problems including liver problems, fatty tumors all over their bodies and on and on.

You did not say which organic pellets you are feeding, and if it is Harrisons, he should not have more than two tablespoons per day. Look on the bag for feeding directions and leave off the beans, seeds and any other extra foods you are feeding until he is once again eating 80-85% of his diet in pellets. Fruit and veggies are only 10-15% of total diet which means feeding small amounts a few times a week. As for feeding seeds, stop feeding them altogether. The whole point of feeding high quality pellets is to get birds off the seeds which are nothing more than high fat and lots of carbs. Outside birds need this type of food especially during the winter, but inside birds do not.Since our pet birds do not have to forage for food, they need to eat less and it needs to be high quality. More is not better with birds.

So, to sum up, feed majority of diet in the pellets and read instructions to see what recommended amount is per day for your bird. How much activity is also a factor. With Harrisons it is not more than a tablespoon or two for an Amazon size bird. Our Amazons eat Harrisons, and we have to watch that we don't feed too much because they will get fat eating organic pellets if overfed. In you case, you're giving him too much of everything, and his body will suffer for it.

Thanks for writing,

Sep 26, 2012
Crumbling pellets
by: Anonymous

No matter what you feed your bird, a lot of it ends up on the floor. If they're being crumbled that means he's taking bites and letting the rest fall. Just like seeds, the cup might look full, but is full of shells and should be changed every day. Birds are not like cats and dogs that will finish the food you give them. I tried pellets with my bird and all she did was throw them out, uneaten. As long as they're being crumbled, you know he's eating.

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