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May 22, 2009
by: Linda

Sometimes regurgitation is a sign of affection especially if between two birds or a bird and their beloved person. It can be a sign of love due to the fact that mother birds do this to feed the babies. If he keeps doing this, and it does not appear to be related to affection, he needs to go to avian vet. If he does it directly after eating, it could mean an infection, and bird needs to go to avian vet.

Watch him closely and see what is happening around him when he does this. If it is NOT related to showing affection to anyone or anything, like a toy, make an appointment with the vet and take him on in. If it has been over a year since he last visited his vet, take him in anyway. Birds need at least a once a year checkup to make sure they are doing good and carrying no infections. Infections can be happening on low levels before they actually show symptoms as birds carry no gram negative bacteria only positive. Us, dogs, cats and all other animals have gram negative bacteria in bodies, so birds can pick up infections from visitors or you sneezing in your home. They usually get used to the bacteria in their own home unless it is very dirty or someone is very sick. New people coming in and/or dogs, cats and such can sway the delicate balance of gram negative and positive bacteria. Birds can carry some, and once it passes a certain point, then they become ill, and it sometimes gets bad.

Hope this helps,

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