Is it healthy for a bird to shake??

by Jamie-Lee Irvine

I have a blue fronted anazon, he is 9 years old and lately I have noticed everytime I take him out the cage, he shakes his wings like he is shivering...He used to be the center of attention but you know how it goes...more animals come into the home and there is less time for the rest...I recently decided to take him out the cage at least once a day and I have also noticed he is not his menacing self...he doesn't do much anymore...
Can you help?

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Dec 22, 2011
Shaking bird
by: Anonymous

A shaking bird can indicate that he is cold. It is winter time. If you walk your bird around the house as I do, some rooms tend to be colder, and a bit draftier than others.

In your case, I do suspect tho' that he's gotten to be nervous when outside his cage. Birds who spend a lot of time in thier cages, start to depend on it for thier saftey. So when he is taken out, he can/will be nervous. Especially with new pets in the house roaming about.

My Amazon loves other animals, my new grey is shy and nervous around new animals, she will shake a bit, and even lean AWAY from the area that the other animal is in.

My IRN, nothing scares her, In fact she's the dominate of my animals. She will cruise right over the top of the cat and whatever dog might be in the house visiting.

Give your bird more outside time, walk around with him, let him observe the other pets, and get used to the new smells those other pets bring into the home. It's a matter of spending more time with him, and patience.

Birds are highly intelligent, they need thier humans to consistantly interact with them. Birds are often the first animal that gets neglected when a new pet arrives. Dont forget he's there! :D

If more time out, and interaction doesnt work for him I suggest a vet. They arent as expensive as you think!

Dec 22, 2011
Bird shakes when out of the cage
by: Tracie

If the bird only shakes when out of the cage, then it may be nervous or excited, I don't know. If the bird is inactive and shakes in the cage too, then please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird.

It is good that you are spending time with your bird. These birds sometimes out live us and are flock birds, so they need to get a lot of attention so that they feel a part of your flock, so to speak.

Linda, a lady that often answers questions here, will hopefully see this question and help you. She is experienced with Amazons and will likely be more helpful.

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