Is it legel to have a princess parrot as a pet in CA

by Jill

I want one

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Feb 10, 2012
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Feb 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

They are legal to own in California

Feb 02, 2012
Is it legel to have a princess parrot as a pet in CA
by: Linda

You will have to call your local Fish and Wildlife government agency and ask them. I don't think there are regulations against them, but things may have changed in the years' since I last found out. I don't think Quaker parrots are legal, but not sure about any others.


Feb 02, 2012
Princess Parrot.
by: Anonymous

Honestly, I don't see why it would be illegal to have one in Ca.

My concern though is, are you prepared to care for a bird? It's great that you want one, but, do you have the time and energy to bring one into your home?

Parrots are like having a toddler around. They arent meant to sit in thier cages all day and look pretty. They are wild birds, that need a lot of attention, couple hours a day in fact.

Please research what it takes to care for that breed. As each breed of bird has different care requirements.

Also, Purchasing a bird, means getting a cage, toys, proper feed, and natural perches. Also, make sure you can afford VET BILLS, as your bird will need yearly wellness check-ups, and exams should he get sick. Birds arent like cats and dogs. They dont tell you when they are sick, until its almost too late.

Birds aren't "furniture". Just because you want one, doesnt mean you have the time for one. Please research the breed before buying.

People buy birds all the time bc they want one, next thing you know cpl months, or years go by, and the poor bird is sitting there alone, all plucked, and neglected in a dirty cage and the bird is ticked off... because the owner finds they didnt have the time after all. Do you have the time to invest, if not, dont buy one. It's not fair to the bird.

Thanks. :)

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