Is it ok to give a umbrella cockatoo milk?

Well im eating cearal and he comes up and starts to drink but i dont know if its good for him.

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Mar 30, 2012
cockatoo milk-yes
by: Kristi

I went to my vet with the same question.
True, Cockatoos can not digest milk as mammals do. But SMALL amounts will not hurt him/her.
I have an egg laying hen whom loves all sorts of cheeses. Blue is her favorite; so far.
The bird is interested in what you are doing/ what you like. If you don't mind sharing, let him/her explore. Granted if they love it, switch to Silk or something lactose free.

Mar 16, 2012
No milk
by: Anonymous

Yeah, don't give him milk. It's not good for him.

However... My birds are all on a diet of Roudybush Pellets. Great stuff. Full of vitamins, no sugars.

However: My vet personally recommends I feed my birds 80% Pellets, 10-15% seed. (usually they only get seed during the training process, as a treat) And the 10-5% fresh organic fruits and veggies. (washed well). He also states it's okay to once in a while give a bit of (very small amts, like a bite or two) hardboiled egg, cooked, unseasoned chicken, even pulled pork, also unseasoned. Or like when I grade cheese, says they can have a piece or two.

However the Roudybush Pellets should be enf nutrion for the birds, he recommends those foods in small amts simply as a treat, plus it stimulates them. My birds get a slice of fruit in the morning, and a cpl small veggies or sprouts at dinner time. But thier main diet is Pellets.

However, No milk, no icecreams, no sour cream, or any dairy.

If you need help on how to switch your bird to pellets, make a new post, and people can help give you ideas of what worked for them, Each bird is different and accepting of things if presented the right way.

Remember, no milk! They only need water to drink!
Please make sure the bird has a cuttlebone for calcium.

Mar 15, 2012
Is it ok to give a umbrella cockatoo milk?
by: Linda

No, you cannot give milk to a bird as they are unable to digest such a complicated protein plus it is also full of fat.A bird is never given milk even when a baby, so it is a disaster for your bird's digestion. Put bird in cage if he won't leave you alone when at table.

You would do well to do some reading on what is safe and not safe for your bird to eat. Basically, a diet of 80-85% high quality organic pellets, like Harrison's or Roudybush is best with NO table food of any kind and this includes nuts like peanuts and other high fat, low protein nuts. All seed diets are a slow starvation for parrots. No table food also includes cereal, snacks and just about anything you may eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Please learn about what your bird needs to be healthy as he is suffering in silence and is like a small child in need of direction from a human who knows what he needs.

Thanks for writing,

Mar 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

No you should never give a parrot milk. They cannot digest it the way we, or a cat or dog can. It can make them sick.

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