is it safe to leave my bird in her cage while on vacation for 4 days?

by pamela r.
(phoenix, arizona)

we are taking a holiday over thanksgiving (4 days) and i have not been able to find anyone to look after my conure. is it safe to leave here in her cage (without any interaction) for that long. is leaving a big bowl of food and water adequate?

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Jun 21, 2018
A Balance
by: Anonymous

I would go half way, have someone check up on your parrot every 1 or 2 days. Multiple bowls is crucial, some placed near the top of the cage to reduce the chance of contamination. Avoid using string etc. based toys that could cause a trap (like normal). Also socialise a lot before, to the point where the parrot wants alone time, this works well for my parrot.

At the end of the day, your parrot could ingest many bad things over the period of a day at work, so some logical 'measure' has to be taken in justifying a specific carer, where the stress of a new environment has its own side effects. No one here has commented on any details such as the bacterial growth factor of one day relative to three of contaminant in water i.e. your parrot may be at risk every day with a probability increasing over the lifespan without you ever going on holiday. In that case, we should not own parrots in cages!

Apr 21, 2018
What should you do when your going on a vacation for 5 days and have two parrots
by: Anonymous

I’ve been stressing lately because of my parrots cause I’m going on a vacation in two months and I don’t know what to do with my birds I asked a friend if she can do it but she can’t becuase she’s going on a vacation to, so I don’t know what to do now can anybody help me

Editor's note: If you can't find a pet sitter to come and check your birds daily to make sure they are healthy, have water and food etc., then do a search online for "bird boarding" in your area.

This is a good time to consider having a will that gives directions for who will take your bird if you die or become injured in such a way that the bird will need someone else to care for them.

Jul 26, 2017
Leaving my Bambang along😞
by: Yolanda

A have a cockatoo I'm leaving just for 4 days what could I do , could I leave the door Cage open and have water and food outside the cage. Big bowl of water and food, and should I have the TV on or the radio on ,help

Jan 15, 2016
Leave your bird for 4 dayz?
by: aishah

Yes I think leaving your bird for 4 days is perfectly fine.....I'm on vacation right now and I let my sun conure in her cage and I put 3 food bowls with 3 water cups (bowls) and I'm pretty sure she will survive because what if she was outside like many other birds who don't have 3 food bowls and 3 water cups (bowls) for 4 or MORE days and they survive....And if your bird is weak before you leave bring her/him with you...because you never know when they will die so either make sure you put a lot of food and water with your house heat on and put a blanket on top of the cage just in case....many birds don't die without food but they die because it's cold....birds aren't used to the cold and tend to like warm places better.

Dec 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

I have left mine for 3 days but he has a bottle for water and 3 food dishes I also have a camera hooked up that I access from my phone so I can check on him a little extreme maybe but I have no one to watch him

Nov 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't because anything can happen in the space of a few minutes let alone four days. What if she got sick? Plus if used to being handled regually then being left for 4 days may mean she has psycological issues when you return.Can you not pay a pet sitter or a neighbour if you have no family or friends willing to look in on her.

Nov 10, 2011
by: Carly

Yes, only if you leave enough food and water. The problem is that if it is drafty, you will not be able to cover the cage. If there is a fire or the bird is caught in string or something, you will not be there to help it.

Nov 10, 2011
is it safe to leave my bird in her cage while on vacation for 4 days?
by: Linda

No, it is not safe to leave your bird alone for this long. What can happen is he throws all the food out the first day and poops in the water. Then your bird has nothing to eat and filthy water to drink. If bird gets sick or injured, there will be no one to help him. So, you will need to find an Avian Vet in your driving area and board your bird there while you are away. To leave your bird like this for 4 days is cruel and could cost him his life, so find an Avian Vet that can take him in for those days. Take his food in and also make sure he has toys he is familiar with in cage.


Nov 10, 2011
Bird alone
by: Anonymous

No it is not safe to leave your bird completely alone for a few reasons. One, a bowl of water left unchanged will collect bacteria, enough to kill your bird. Should he bathe in it as well, the water will deplete and may run out!! Two, should your bird go through food quicker than you may think is adequate or spills it or throws it, then what? Birds quickly go downhill with no food or water. Three, it is always good to have someone check up on him just for general observance. So maybe have someone, a friend or family member to pop in twice a day to do the food/water changes and just to be sure all is well. Never assume that he will be okay on his own, because harshly you may come home to an unwanted sight. You may be able to find an in home pet sitting service as well. Goodluck and happy holiday!

Nov 10, 2011
Is it safe to leave my bird in her cage while on vacation for 4 days
by: Anne

I have left my 2 Cockatiels for that amount of time with no harm to them but left there 2-3 food pots with loads & loads of food in plus sprinkled on the floor with eggfood as well, keeping out of the "bombing" area's.
I always leave some fresh veg just before I leave & once it has had it's day so to speak they just ignore it anyway.
I find that they don't eat as much when I go away so don't worry if you find your bird does the same thing.
Also, I put my radio on a timer switch so there is talking throughout the day.

Nov 10, 2011
Leaving bird during holiday
by: Tracie

No, it is not safe. If the bird just has a water dish, the water is full of bacteria just after 4 hours. (This is why so many birds get bacterial infections.) If it has a water bottle, something could get in the spout and all the water drain and the bird would be without water.

If you do not have a neighbor or friend that will check on your bird and spend some time with your bird a couple of times a day, then you need to find a place to board your bird, or take the bird with you.

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