Is it worth it?

by John Fahlsing
(St. Petersburg, Fl.)

B&G Macaw - Birds Just are all that! Awesome.

B&G Macaw - Birds Just are all that! Awesome.

Yes, it is, nothing is better than coming home to my birds. My Quaker is right there, the screaming starts with the cockatoo for attention and all in all its a blast. Yes I'm coming, on my own terms tho, and we will spend lots of time playing, and if i get a bite from the big one once in awhile so be it. We train each other.

This is a quick qestion i forgot to ask the person about his or her pair of Blue and Golds Macaws. Age makes a big difference too! Thy can still be children even from 4 to 21...

Sunni the picture is 21

My baby Quaker is 4

and I think the Princess, Cockatoo i inherited is about 10?

Love em..