Is margarine harmful to birds?

by Roger Sellwood

Butter is not good for birds, what about margarine is this harmfull
Regards Roger Sellwood

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Sep 16, 2009
by: Linda

Feed NO table food regardless of what it is. The food we have prepared for our consumption is usually bad for the birds. Even if you are a vegan and eat only organic veggies, there is still a matter of seasonings and such.

As Tracie said, feed your birds an organic high quality pelleted diet and add only the organic veggies Harrison's recommends for them to eat while eating the pellets. The Harrisons are 100% balanced nutrition and with the addition of their Birdy Bread mix and a few organic veggies, your birds will live long and healthy lives.

Keep bird's food for them, and yours for you, and you will have a very good and healthy balance there.


Sep 15, 2009
Margarine is not good for birds
by: Tracie

Neither butter nor margarine is good for birds. I would say margarine is worse, because it usually has chemical additives, at least butter is natural.

There is no reason you should be feeding your bird either butter or margarine. Please just feed your bird healthy organic foods, and feed your bird 80% healthy pellets.

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