is my bird sick

by Hannah

Is my bird sick? She has a brown nose, and its feekin me out. Its been brown for a month, can you help me? I want her to get better, no matter the cost.

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Apr 07, 2009
Bird with brown "nose"
by: Tracie

Please let us know what kind of bird you have and where the brown color is. Are you talking about the part that is above the beak or are you saying that the beak changed color?

If you have a budgie, then your bird's cere, the part above the beak, may turn brown indicating it is a female bird. If the cere was blue and is now turning brown, your bird could be ill and needs to see an avian vet.

Either way, your bird needs to be examined by an avian vet once a year, so maybe this is a good time to take the bird in for a check up.

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