Is my budgie sick?

by Imaan

Is my baby budgie sick?
I have two budgies which I bought roughly two weeks ago. I bought them when they were 3 weeks old and so they are now both a month old. They have remained in perfect health, up until now, however. Today they both sounded hoarse, the noises they made were quiet and squeaky, they were both itching excessively (though this has been happening since we got them), one has had squinting/drooping eyelids (which has also been happening from day one), both have been puffing their chests quite a lot, and have been making clicking/grinding noises with their beaks and have been nipping quite a lot (well, a lot more than usual) on their iodine block.

I also think I heard a few sneezes today and a couple scattered over the past week. They are eating, drinking, flying and pooping normally, so there are no obvious signs of illness, just the ones I have highlighted above. I bought both budgies from a very trusted and experienced pet owner and they are also my first pets. I have no pet insurance on them. If they are seriously ill and I had to take them to vet, how much would it cost? And, are they even ill? Or is this normal?

Thanks in advance!

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Also, I do spray them with lukewarm water when necessary as a bath and play with them frequently and let them out once a day to fly.
4 minutes ago

Also, I feed them premium food (seeds) and mint. I was going to start adding fruit to their diet. They have two perches, a swing, an iodine block, cuttlefish/bone, a mirror and a bell in their cage, which is quite big and is situated in the living room, so they are not lonely and are surrounded by people most of the time. Their sleeping habits are normal as far as I know and they get along well with each other.

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Jun 04, 2012
Possibly sick budgie
by: Tracie

There is really no way to tell if your bird is sick over the Internet, sorry. It sure sounds like your bird may be struggling.

I don't know what is available in your country, but a seed diet will shorten your bird's life. If you can find Harrison's pellets or some quality pellet in your country it would be best.

Please try to Find an Avian Vet for your bird, even if you can't travel to the vet, call them and ask about pellets and tell them about your bird.

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