Is my indian ringneck parakeet sick?`

by katrina
(fulton, NY, USA)

My Indian Ringneck parakeet keeps vomiting and then eating his vomit. Is this normal or should I take him to the vet to get checked? Please help me I don't know whether to be worried or not..

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Jan 13, 2012
IRN vomiting
by: Anonymous

Birds tend to regurgitate for a few different reasons.

One: They do that to feed thier young. They eat the food, partially digest it, then bring it back up to feed their young.

Two: When a bird bonds with a human, & they want to show affection, they will regurgitate their food for you. Gross as this is, it's a compliment from the bird to you.

Three: Your bird could of gotten ahold of some toxic material, which is causing him to vomit.

Your bird could possibly be sick. Without a vet examining your bird first hand it would be hard to say if your bird is truely ill. Especially since you didnt include too much information.

Please look around your bird's cage, look for rust or soiled toys. This could cause him to become ill. If your birds area, isnt kept cleaned daily, a bacerial infection could occure.

I suggest a wipe down of the cage bars once a day to remove the bird's poop. Then a thorough cleaning once a week. Changing papers once a day or every other day if the bird has no access to the papers.

Please supervise your bird so that she's not getting a hold of things she shouldnt. You'd be suprised what could be toxic to your bird. Always supervise an uncaged bird. Even one whose on a perching stand.
(trust me, my birds like to explore, they've got no fear! Esp my little IRN)

Try to change your birds diet to pellets from seeds. Seeds to a bird would be like you eating at Mc Donalds all day. So limit seeds once she switched.

Tip: To help switch her to pellets, remember a bird will always eat first from the highest point in it's cage. Put pellets only in a higher bowl, & seeds (with pellets mixed in) in a bowl on the bottom of the cage. This has proven to work for me to switch my birds diet. Evntually lessening seeds. Your bird should then have a diet of 80% pellet 10% seed, 10% fruits and veggies. (as recommended by my vet)

Your bird should be seen once a year by an Avian Vet. (not a dog& cat vet)

Good luck, hope this helps.

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