Is my parakeet sick?!?!

My parakeet seems to always be sleepy. He is always closing his eyes throughout the day. He is quite active and he eats when I put food in my hand but I am just worried that he might be sick because he is always closing his eyes. Can someone people tell me if this is normal or if my parakeet is sick? Thank you!

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Jan 19, 2015
Sleepy Bird
by: Alex

The fact that your bird is very sleepy could indicate an illness.

One thing I will tell you and you need to remember for future, is that birds hide their illnesses. By the time we see them looking unwell, they are already very unwell, and too weak to hide it.

The best course of action is to make an appointment with an avian vet to examine the bird ASAP.

Birds do not have very strong immune systems so infections can kill.

One example is the common cold. We fight it off quickly, birds can die from it without treatment.

Best wishes, and I hope your bird gets better soon.

Jan 18, 2015
No way to tell if bird is sick here
by: Tracie

I wish we could help, but there is just no way someone can tell you over the internet if your bird is sick or sleepy. If this is new behavior, then it IS possible your bird is sick.

Birds should see an avian vet once a year for a well checkup anyway, so you might wish to have the bird looked at to be safe.

Calling your breeder is a good idea too, when you have questions.

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