Is my parakeet sneezing?

Sometimes my parakeet makes this little sound that sounds like there is air coming out of him. It kind of sounds like a little "pfft". At first, I thought he was burping, but I read this thing that said that birds can't get gas out of their body. Now I'm starting to think he might be sneezing. He "pffts" a couple times everyday, I think. Is he sneezing? If so, is he sick?
Thanks for the information!

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Sep 27, 2011
Parakeet sneezing sound
by: Tracie

It is probably nothing if you only hear this a couple of times a day, but the only way to be sure is to Find an Avian Vet to examine the bird to make sure it doesn't have a bacterial infection or something.

Provide fresh water a few times a week for the bird to bathe in. If it has seed dust or pellet dust getting up in the nares, bathing will help. Make sure you remove the water after an hour, because it will be filled with bacteria that can make your bird sick if it drinks it.

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