Is my parrot laying a egg?

by Cloeberry123MandK

I just got a parrot and this is the first time an i don't know when it is going to lay an egg?

Can you help me by telling the signs of when my parrot Conureis going to lay a babie also tell at what age and how i should tret it.

Plese help by ansering!


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Jul 11, 2011
bird laying an egg?
by: Tracie

Your bird may never lay eggs, most do not unless they are in a breeding situation. If there is not a male conure sharing her living quarters, it is unlikely you will have to worry about her laying eggs. If she does start laying eggs, you will not know until it happens, there are no "warning" signs in healthy birds. (An unhealthy bird may become egg bound and sit at the bottom of the cage straining.)

If they do produce an egg it takes about 25 hours for the egg to develop inside of her and then she will lay the egg. This occurs about 4-6 times per laying cycle over a 7-10 day period. When she is (with egg) she is gavid.

The most important thing for you to do, is to make sure she is eating a healthy pellet diet like Harrison's so that if she does lay eggs she will not become egg bound and die.

Jul 10, 2011
Answer Missing
by: Anonymous

This didn't really answer the question. How disappointing is that!

Editor's note: You are correct. If your bird was laying an egg, it would either have laid the egg or died.

Jul 07, 2011
Is my parrot laying a egg?
by: Linda

What I'm hearing from you is you have not done your homework BEFORE getting your bird, and this will hurt your bird. Some birds never lay eggs, and they are not babies unless eggs are fertile which means a male is around to do that. You do not want to breed as it is very costly, and you never know what kind of homes birds will end up in. Once they leave your home, they can end up in abusive or neglectful homes, and you have become part of the problem and not the solution.

Your bird needs to be examined by an Avian Vet as all new birds from pet stores and most breeders are already sick with an infection. When you have a bird, you also have to have an avian vet to care for them.

You really need to do some study about your bird and parrots in general so this one has a chance of surviving in your home.


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