Is my rainbow lorikeet deaf?

by Monika
(Mount Gravatt Eaast)

I purchased my 8 week old rainbow yesterday from a pet shop. They informed me that he was not hand tamed but once at home I have figured out he doesn't like hopping on your finger but will quite comfortably let you grab him with your palm, but once you have him he will not move, he will let you scratch him but will not play but instead he will lay very still and pretend to be asleep, is this typical of a rainbow as I have once owned a scaly and he was incredible,what can i do to make him "happier". He has the best food they had at the shops, he has toys and all the fresh fruit he is allowed to eat.I'd appreciate any help

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Nov 09, 2009
Is my rainbow lorikeet deaf?
by: Linda

For one thing, no training can be done until your bird has been checked over by an Avian Vet. Birds bought from pet stores are sometimes already ill with an infection of some kind and will not just get over it. They have to be examined by an Avian vet to see what kind of infection it is and then given medicine to clear it up. So take your bird to an Avian Vet to be examined as soon as you can.

As for what you are doing by picking bird up with your whole hand, you are scaring him to death! Birds have to be "taught" to step up on a stick or our fingers by working with them a lot. He is not moving because he is "playing dead" because you are much bigger than he is and you are making him very much afraid.

There are training materials on this site, so take a look at them. A good book about your bird may go into taming and training, so look at them as well. Your other bird was already tame, and this one is not. YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THE WORK WITH THIS ONE BEFORE HE IS THE LOVING PET YOU WANT. TRUST IS EARNED NOT GIVEN BY THESE BIRDS, SO LEARN WHAT YOU NEED TO LEARN AND FIRST TAKE HIM TO AN AVIAN VET TO BE CHECKED FOR INFECTIONS.


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