Is my tiel,Zazu unhappy

by Christina

I have my Zazu since he was 3 months old. He was aviary bred.
I read up on everything I could about tiels before I got him. I love Zazu to bits but his screaming is driving me crazy.
He doesn't sing or whistle no matter how hard we try and train him. He loves sitting on our shoulders and or heads as we walk around the house. I don't want to rehome him but I've tried everything I can to make him happy. I don't want to leave him in another room all day or covered with a blanket because it's not a nice thing,I feel, to do to him. He doesn't like to be stroked but he does allow me to kiss his beak or his crown. He is nearly 2 years old now and any advice is much needed.
Kind regards

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Jun 26, 2012
Helping parrot not need constant attention
by: Tracie

Please look at the training articles on our Parrot Training page for more help. It isn't so much about being boss as helping the parrot see the advantages of doing what you want. ;-)

Jun 26, 2012
Thank u
by: Christina

Thanks for ur advice guys. We haven't moved house but I have moved his cage but no matter where I put him he screams. He is in the kitchen at the moment,well when he is not screaming. He likes it there because he has more room to fly around and likes to fly to our shoulders when we are sitting for meals or when I'm doing housework. I will try to be more of a boss with him but sometimes those big brown eyes just melt my heart.

Jun 26, 2012
Happy tiel
by: Anonymous

Of course your bird is happy because he's getting his own way. He's trained you to do what he wants, which is to be on you all the time. My bird was the same way when I first got him, and he screamed all the time when he wasn't on me. I was at the end of my rope as to what to do to get him to stop. There were days when I would leave the house because I couldn't take the constant screaming. I didn't want to cover him during the day (not nice) and no matter what I did, he was relentless. Now I knew why he was given to me because the previous owners couldn't stand it either.

I would keep him caged most of the time but I had the cage in the room where I was so he wouldn't be alone and less likely to scream. He was angry about that but eventually started to quiet down when he knew he wasn't going to get his way. When he would be quiet, I would reward him with kind words and treats. I also got him a play gym for when he's out of the cage, it keeps him occupied, quiet and off of me. You just have to be firm with your training and let him know who's boss and things will get better. Please don't rehome him, it takes time and patience to train a bird and yours will be fine.

Jun 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Are there just some birds that are just made to breed? I have a green cheek thats the same. I haven't been able to touch him, but he seems fine. He was also a breed bird. For the yelling I'm not quite sure? Have you moved hime somewhere differt? Maybe he was fine in the spot that you choose for him when you 1st got him. Can the bird still see you. I only cover mine up when I'm off to bed. Don't give up there will be a solution that sounds great. Love thy bird.....

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