Is reed safe for birds?

by Isabel

Hello, I have a Sun conure and a quaker Parrot. I provide many different toys for them. How ever my conure tears through them very quickly. SO now to make it easier on my wallet and and to assure he always has a variety of toys to destroy, I started to make their toys.
Recently I ordered through your website the basket swing, and both birds loved it, however Petey the sunconure destroy it in minutes. So now i would like to make baskets to provide him on reg. basis. This is new to me so still learning about the diff. materials available for weaving Can you please tell me if read is safe for birds, or what other material I can use that is not toxic for them.

Thank you

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May 29, 2010
affordable chew toys for sun conures
by: Anonymous

I have found that popsicle sticks work well for chew toys for my sun conure. I stick them in the horizontal slats of the cage, so the stick is pointing straight up, and Connor will gradually chew it up. There are a variety to choose from - wide & narrow. I have some from a craft store which seem to pose no threat to Connor's health.

Apr 14, 2010
Is reed safe for birds?
by: Linda

Do not use any materials made for basket weaving as you do not know how this has been treated and whether or not it is toxic. Just forget about it and either keeping buying the ones made for birds or buy him some wooden toys. They make many kinds of toys made using wood pieces and make sure the pieces are large enough so that he does not swallow any small pieces. Always buy toys that are appropriate for your size bird, and it usually says what size bird toy is for when buying them. Toys made with safe wood pieces with holes drilled in them are good and Manzanita is a very hard wood that will take a long time to destroy. These pieces are strung on either chain or rope. MAKE SURE ALL ROPE IS MADE OF 100% COTTON AS THE NYLON ROPE IS VERY DANGEROUS FOR BIRDS. If they get a string of the nylon caught around their legs, feet or toes, it will cut off the circulation and bird will lose maybe his whole leg. Always make sure rope is 100% cotton as cotton has some give to it.Make sure chain links are large enough for bird to get his toes in and out of easily or he can cut a toe off with too small chain link. Make sure links are NOT big enough for him to get his head through as birds will get caught and break their necks trying to escape. Do some reading about the care of your species of bird and see what is recommended for them.

Regardless of what kind of toys you buy, make sure you supervise bird with any new ones and make sure they are for his size. Never give larger birds toys for little birds as they have small parts that can be swallowed and can choke birds to death.

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