Is Sulfur and Sulfate ingredients safe for birds

by Isabel
(Medford, Ma)

HI, I am somewhat confused if treats that have either sulfur or sulfate in the ingredients. i.e Yogurt dips is it safe for my birds.
I am pretty sure I read somewhere that it was toxic to them a long time ago, but it seems some many bird products contain this ingredient.

If anyone can clarify this fro me I would greatly appreciate it.

thank you
Happy Holidays


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Dec 23, 2009
Is Sulfur and Sulfate ingredients safe for birds
by: isabel

Thank you,

I really appreciate it.
I will say something to the management at our local pet store.

The products in question are mango yogurt dips by Kaytee.It upsets me that they are able to make and sell a product that can harm my babies.

Dec 22, 2009
Is Sulfur and Sulfate ingredients safe for birds
by: Linda

Isabel, these chemicals are highly toxic to birds, dogs, cats and humans for that matter.

Buy ONLY organic bird foods and treats. Buy organic fruit and veggies as well. When buying dried fruit for them, make sure these are organic and read ingredients to make sure there is no sulphur in it. Sulphur is used to preserve dried fruit, and ALL regular grocery store dried fruit is preserved using sulphur as are raisens.

Use only certified organic products. There are bird foods that petsmart and petco carry that are full of all kinds of dangerous chemicals that will poison your bird. ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS ON ANYTHING YOU ARE THINKING OF FEEDING YOUR BIRDS. Sugar, salt, sulphur, all preservatives like BHT and such are poison. Some bird foods use ingredients used in face creams and stuff, and is is called polypropenol I think. It tastes sweet, and birds become addicted to it. Lafaeber uses it to glue their little balls and sticks together. Yes, the birds love them because this chemical tastes sweet and is addictive. Some bird food even has Ethoxyquin in them which is an additive used in making rubber mallable during the melting process.

READ YOUR LABELS, and if you find dangerous chemicals in foods for birds, talk with management of the store about it. Some of these same things are in dog and cat food as well. Whatever sells is what the stores will carry regardless of safety unless people voice their opinion about them.

Please read the article on Parrot Health and other articles on Tracie's Parrot Training page.


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