Is this a stroke?

by Sue

We purchased a 25 year old CAG a few months ago.
He was in a home with very heavy smokers & was not well nourished & had ragged, frayed feathers. Not plucked but was aggressively preening & tearing the feather ends.
We noticed the right foot was weak. He can't grip anything & all the toes hang limply on the perch.His left eye was watery & sore looking with a smaller pupil than the well rounded right. He would shred paper on the cage bottom & sit weakly in it with his head down, sleeping.The sore eye is always either closed, or partially,so.It is not as watery anymore but the pupil seems even more smaller than initially.
We have absolutely no avian vets in this area. I took him to my vet & he said he might have an irritated eye. Drops did not help. This was months ago.
I ordered colloidal silver from a supplier & tried in his help.
A breeder told me it may be a female (shredding paper)& may be egg bound & to try Calci-boost to pass the avail.
He was a poor eater when he came & we have her finally eating nuts,apples, peas & corn, high grade seed mix (Beak Appetit)& still coaxing him to try pellets. I also offer Guardian Angel in his water daily.Doing better than he was initially.
Feathers a lot better as he gets misted daily & showers weekly.
The strange part is, he seems 100% healthy, singing & chirping & flapping his wings on his playtop for long periods...then he will go in the cage, go to the bottom & look like he's dying. It's like he has weak bouts & we are so helpless.
He shakes his head by times but our other parrots do too but I notice if I say a loud word he shakes it. I stop....he stops. I say a word he shakes it, almost like it hurts or bothers him.
We love this little bird. Can you help?
May I add he cannot talk either? He hears well as he repeats noises & sounds, like cats, & various sounds...Just no words.
Can this be a stroke? Thank you in advance so very much.

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Dec 24, 2008
Is this a stroke?
by: The Vet

Discontinue all over the counter medications and especially stop putting stuff in the water. None of this is going to help your bird. It sounds and looks like there are problems with your bird and these should be diagnosed and treated by an avian veterinarian.

Find a good avian vet even if you have to drive some distance to get there. You should not wait. Even though he seems healthy, he may not be and probably is not, given his history of smoke exposure and poor diet.

I am sorry I cannot help anymore than this, but I would need to examine your bird and do some diagnostics to recommend any treatment.

Dr B

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