Is this bad or good?

by Krista Kneper

see there are only like 4 tail-feathers on top of each other, but looks like one.

see there are only like 4 tail-feathers on top of each other, but looks like one.

well first off i have a red-lored amazon parrot. I have two questions, first one is when he poops it is a little watery, and one time it had brown in it, what could that mean??

The second question is that last night my mom went downstairs to get a drink (no one was down there and all the lights were off, we were going to bed)well ya she went down to get a drink and heard my parrot freaking out. I went downstairs also to get a drink and i seen her talking to him to calm him down, then i went in there and i seen 4 tail-feather at the bottom of his cage. I seen one on the floor and on the chair next to his cage.

Soo last night he lost 6 tail feathers and only has like 4 left. Is that bad? what could of caused it? and do you think he is sick?

P.S. Last night there was a leak in the kitchen from the ceiling, and my parrots cage is in the room next to the kitchen. Do you think he got scared from the dripping noise?? or my mom suggested that maybe someone was trying to break in and he was trying to scare them away and trying to warn us.. or he is sick or something.. please help me out im very worried!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb 19, 2009
back to u
by: Anonymous

ok well i do give him peanuts as a treat but i give him alot, even with the shell! soo i guess i should stop doing that. What else would i be able to give him as a treat that i would be able to give to him every day! I had just gotten my parrot in June of last year from my neighbor but he is older than 15 years old. soo i havent taken him to a vet yet. I guess i will soon have to soo he can get a check-up. Well i guess thats all.. and THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH, you were a big help!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 18, 2009
Bird night fright
by: The Vet

You should take your bird in for an exam and culture or Gram?s stain to determine the cause of this problem. It may be nothing if only one or two droppings are abnormal and the rest are normal. But if most are abnormal, then something is wrong.

I doubt if the peanut caused it, but I don't recommend feeding peanuts anyway, except as an occasional treat and never with the shell on because of the chance of aspergillus infection and aflatoxins.

What happened to your bird is called a night fright and it is because he was startled. You should have a night light in his room to prevent startles. His tail feathers will grow back in a few weeks.

Remember to take your bid in every year to the vet for exams, blood work and vaccines.

Dr B

Feb 17, 2009
back to u
by: Anonymous

when he had runny drippings it happend around last week. It havent only happened once, but it happened a couple times, but when he pooped it would be runny then when he goes again it would be regular and soo on. As for the brown, that only happened like twice. there were no major changes in his diet. I havent changed to a different drink and his food is still the same. the only thing that happened is i stopped giving him peanuts because of the recall, i didnt know if anything would happen to him. My brother did say he gave him a peanut out of the new bag we bought, soo i dont know if he got sick from that or what. With the feathers nobody could of stepped on them because no one was down there when he was freaking out. soo anything else just comment!

Feb 17, 2009
Runny poop and feather loss
by: Tracie

I have some questions so that Dr. B can possibly answer your questions.

1) When did the bird have runny droppings? Was it a one time experience with both the loose droppings and then the brown one?

2) When the droppings were different, did he eat or drink something out of the norm?

If your bird drank more than it ate or ate something to turn his droppings brown, then one time is not a problem.

It does sound like something scared your bird. Typically, they don't lose their tail feathers like that unless someone or something grabbed or stepped on the feathers. They will grow back, so don't worry.

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