Is this the right way to clean the cage?

by Ana

Hi everyone,
I have one parakeet. I change the paper at the bottom of the cage every single day, I put fresh water and food everyday.
I clean the cage and toys every week. I use rubbing alcohol or medicinal alcohol as we say in my country (hope they are the same thing). I use rubbing alcohol because I want to make sure that the cage is disinfected and sterilized.
But lately I'm becoming concerned if maybe rubbing alcohol is bad for my parakeet.
Do I clean the cage in the proper way?
Thanks in advance for sharing you ideas.

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Apr 10, 2012
Great advice
by: Ana

thank you Anonymous for your advises. That really helpful. I never thought that lemon or orange juice or vinegar is good for cleaning. Many thanks to all of you.

Apr 09, 2012
here's a few tips
by: Anonymous

Stay as organic as you possibly can! Nothing with chemicals or perfumes of any kind. Wet wipes, no.

Vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, eucalyptus oil are all 100% safe for your birds. All are cleaners & disinfect.

Plain laundry soap is also very good & safe. Rinse well after washing.

And you can also buy a cheap steamer. These are brillent for removing all food, poop & other dirt or stains that normally require a bit of elbow grease. They only use super hot water & steam to clean. They disinfect as well because they're so hot it kills germs & there is no need to wait for things to dry or no need to rinse afterwards. Google steam cleaners or steam mops. Most have all kinds of attachments for all kinds of cleaning & they're really cheap.

Apr 09, 2012
by: Ana

I mentioned that the other parakeet was already sick when I brought her in my house.
I have the male parakeet for 2 years now, and till now he hasn't shown any symptom of sickness.
Many thanks to all of you. The only reason why I used alcohol is to make sure that the cage is disinfected from any bacteria. I'm not sure if I can find Pet Focus. But I can try what some of you suggested. Are wet wipes ok?
Again thanks for sharing your opinions.
Have a great day

Apr 09, 2012
Cleaning bird cage
by: Tracie

I am not sure what bird safe cleansers are available in your country, sorry. If you use soap and water, please make sure you rinse very well.

As Linda mentioned, Pet Focus is great for cleaning everything but windows and mirrors in your house, but I doubt you can find it where you live.

Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list

Apr 09, 2012
Cleaning cage
by: Anonymous

Cleaning the cage and giving fresh water and food everyday is a good thing. Using alcohol is not. Soap and water is the best way to clean the cage and toys, please stop using alcohol right away. Any household chemicals such as bleach, alcohol, air fresheners. etc. are highly toxic to birds, maybe that's why your other parakeet died. You're lucky the one you have is still okay. Please, please be careful what your bird is exposed to.

Apr 08, 2012
Is this the right way to clean the cage?
by: Linda

Never, ever use alcohol around your bird as the fumes will kill him. Alcohol is highly toxic to breathe, and your bird is right now at risk of death.

Use a bird safe cleaner like Pet Focus found here. You can get either the concentrated form that you add water to according to the directions or you can buy the already mixed kind that just needs to be shaken before using.

Always remove toys that need cleaning and clean them away from birds, and once they are clean and dry, put them back in cage. Never use the Focus or any other bird safe cleaner directly around bird unless you've put it onto a soft cloth to wipe down cage and perches. Keep spray away from your bird because it will hurt his eyes, nose and is not recommended to be ingested. It is non-toxic if used according to directions so this means reading directions carefully before every use to make sure you've not forgotten something.

The Focus can also be used around the house instead of dangerous bleach, ammonia and pine cleaners all poison for birds to breathe.

Thanks for writing,

PS In the future, always ask before you do something that can harm your bird.

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