Is watermelon okay?

by Angela
(New York)

Is it okay for my Quaker parrot to eat watermelon? She eats apples, grapes, peaches and raisins. Doesn't much care for any other fruit. I know there are certain things to never give a parrot, wasn't sure if watermelon was one of them. Thank you.

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Jul 09, 2017
Watermelon for sun conure
by: Babette

Can my sun conure who is almost 6 yrs have watermelon?

Dec 02, 2015
by: Vince

Are raw peanuts not good for parrots? What about roasted without salt?

Editor's notes: I can't say peanuts are "good" for them at all. They are high fat, and they cause personality disorders in many birds. (They cause anxiety and emotional problems in many people too, they just don't stop eating them to discover it's the peanuts causing the chemical imbalance.)

Aug 24, 2015
Is watermelon okay?
by: Sandra D Singh

Hi Angela, according to Tracie watermelon is safe but NOT the seeds, so if you do buy melons that have seeds make sure you don't let your bird get hold of the seeds. I always buy the seedless ones.
Good luck with your bird.

Aug 23, 2015
Bird safe fruits
by: Tracie

Melons are safe for birds...
For more information, click on this Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list link.

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