Itching meyers parrot

by Indra
(Brampton ON Canada)

Why is my Meyers Parrot itching? she keeps itching her self and plucking her baby feathers.

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Mar 10, 2010
Itching meyers parrot
by: Linda

This could be from several causes. One could be a parasite, another could be house is too dry and hot which causes out of turn molts and dry, flaky skin. It can also be from poor diet. If you are feeding an all seed diet, even with additions of fruit and veggies, your bird is not being fed a high quality diet. We recommend an organic, high quality pellet like Harrison's, and they also have a tasty Birdy Bread mix to help with the changeover from seeds to pellets. Also get the Sunshine Factor organic Red Palm Oil to put in bread and never use any hydrogenated oils in any bird foods. The Red Palm Oil is cold packed and bottle can be put in jar or glass of warm water to become liquid for use. It and the pellets have to be refrigerated after opening. Tracie carries several kinds of organic pellets, Birdy Bread mixes, and the oil out here.

The last reason for skin problems can be illness, and it is highly recommended that you take your bird to an Avian Vet BEFORE trying to change the diet to make sure you're not dealing with a parasite or infection. We do NOT recommend you ever use any over the counter products, including those found at pet stores, with your birds. Birds are very sensitive to any kind of med or supplement, and it is best if ONLY a licensed and trained Avian Vet gives you medicines of any kind. This includes ANY AND ALL HOME REMEDIES that someone may give you. Since we are not Avian Vets, we cannot, with any accuracy, diagnosis and treat our birds.

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