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Aug 22, 2008
Itchy African Grey
by: The Vet

Occasionally young greys will have red feathers on their body in places besides the tail, this is normal. Rarely do adults have these stray red feathers, unless they are feather pluckers. When a feather is plucked, it will often grow back a different color, in the case of greys it is usually red.

They pluck for may reasons, sometimes medical reasons, other times behavioral. The behaviors are reinforced by the release of endorphins in the brain that protect from pain. These endorphins make the bird feel good, so it reinforces the plucking.

Your bird may not be plucking. He may simply be grooming and preening. You need to see an avian veterinarian to be sure your bird is healthy. He needs to see a Dr annually for check ups and vaccines.

Dr. B

Aug 20, 2008
Itchy Parrot
by: Kralice4u

You noted that you bought your African Grey abouta week ago.
It is common sometimes for a bird to take time to adjust to its new environment. Usually picking feathers constantly CAN be a sign of a streesed bird. Be sure to spend allot of quality time with your new companion. It would be helpful to rotate toys in and out of the cage so it wont get bored. I have found with my African Grey if I make a big fuss over a toy or act like I am having the time of my life, his curiosity gets the best of him and he just has to play with the toy also.
You may try buying him toys that are like puzzles. African Greys are highly intelligent and this may keep him busy for hours. Look in the bird dept. at the petstore and you should be able to find such toys.
It sounds to me like your new compnaion is trying to adjust to his new environment. Keep an eye on him though.

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