itchy red eye on macaw

by charley
(West Palm Beach, florida)

spoiled birds

spoiled birds

I just misted my birds as usual and noticed that the female blue and gold started rubbing her eye and closing it. In the past, she has had the same problem where the eye lid and inside the eye gets red and she can't open it for very long. I have always taken her to the vet and they say it could be allergies.

Not long ago, the vet gave some neomycin eye ointment which I will start using again. Its always in just one eye, the left and has been coming and going for years.

I used to think that it is sinus related because she sneezes as well, but now I'm wondering if it could be from the water spray bottle. I rinsed it out and used fresh water. What do you think? I always mist them outdoors and let them dry before bringing them back in the a/c.

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Sep 09, 2008
Macaw with red eye
by: The Vet

Sinus infections will cause this, as does allergies. Plain water will not cause such an irritation. I assume you are not adding anything to the spray bottle? I recommend that you have a more thorough work up done by a specialist.

Chlamydophila is an organism that causes chronic conjunctivitis and your bird should be screened for this. I would also recommend not using the neomycin ointment indiscriminately. It has not cured this problem and continued use will reduce the chances of diagnosing the problem, as well as developing resistant bacteria.

Is your bird exposed to tobacco smoke or other toxic air such as aerosols, etc.? Do you have other birds? B&Gs are commonly allergic to the dust from old world birds like greys and cockatoos.

Sep 08, 2008
Itchy red eye on Macaw
by: Kralice4u

Water alone would not cause redness in the eye. Neomycin is an antibiotical agent used for allergies. If you used it before, you may be able to use it again making sure you do not contaminate the tube upon applications. It is always BEST if you are not certain to take your bird to a vet to have it checked out. By the way, your babies (Macaws)are beautiful!I have never owned a MAcaw, but I am considering it.

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