its been 2months i bought a pair of parrots but they are still biting me

by benazir
(chennai, tn, india)

its been 2 months i have bought a pair of green parrots with red beaks but if i try to touch them they are biting me and i start bleeding. they take food from my hand. but i cant touch them. what kind of food is suitable for them. i bought them when they were 3 months old. are they too old to train?how can i make them to talk. i dont cage them. should i keep them inside a cage they just sit on the top of the cage and the female is dominating and bites the male. should i separate them. when will the female lay eggs. should there be special arrangements made for it to lay eggs. please help me

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Jul 29, 2010
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by: djen

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Jul 28, 2010
its been 2months i bought a pair of parrots but they are still biting me
by: Linda

Hello, and you are moving too fast with this. Slow down and here are some ideas. First, both birds need a separate cage, and when out of the cage, they need to be watched all the time. They also need to be seen by an Avian Vet in your area. There is link on site for help in finding an Avian(bird) vet. Most new birds have infections of one sort or another, so BEFORE ANY training, make sure they have a clean bill of health from a licensed/trained Avian Vet.Have the Vet trim their wings. Just have the 6 long primary feathers at the end of wings trimmed. DO NOT LET THEM CUT UP ANY HIGHER AS THIS KEEPS THE BIRD IN PAIN. This will help in the taming and training process as will having birds in separate cages.

Second,your birds are either Budgies or Lovebirds, and they need to be eating organic pellets like Harrison's. Tracie carries these pellets on site, and you'll need to buy the grind for your size birds.Smaller birds need the smaller grinds.If food is too large, birds won't be able to eat it.

Here is link to an article about how to change birds from seeds to pellets as it does take time. Also be sure they have been seen by an Avian Vet BEFORE any dietary changes.

Switching Birds to Pellets article

Finally, once you have them in two cages and they have been examined by Avian Vet, there are training materials on this site to use to tame them down. The females are harder to tame, and they bite more. Taming and training takes time, so be in NO hurry to breed. You need to do a lot more study BEFORE even thinking about breeding. you can find information on the internet, and email some breeders and find out what all is involved once you have found pictures of your birds. Breeding is expensive (new breeding cage), lots of work and very little money in return. For now, enjoy getting your birds settled in and happy and healthy.


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