ivermectin dosage

by hassan

Dear Sir/ Madam, I'm a budgie breeder, i have big quaninty of full crested budgie and normal my question is about the ivermectin dosage, last year i have some symptoms like scaly face and scaly legs and i saw my birds itching their heads at perch and wire alot during the night more than day light, i used vaslin and i kept reading about these symptoms i had at that time, and i found the quick solutation for it is ivermectin i ask a vet about the ivermectin and i have it and i start using it as 1 drop at the back neck of each bird and i repeat that again after 15 days as i read, but it was hard work 2 do specially when you have many, so my question is can i use ivermectin at drinking water? and if yes,
how many days should i put at water and for how long?
can i use it at breeding season?
what is the proper measure that i should use at water?
many thanks
faithfully yours

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Aug 18, 2011
by: The Avian Vet

Ivermectin is not designed to be put in the water. To control these mites, first be sure that you have them by having a veterinarian do a skin scrape and an exam. If it is positive, then you will need to administer this drug either orally or injectably into the muscle. Topical application may be effective too.

Dr B
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Aug 17, 2011
ivermectin dosage
by: Linda

Dear Hassan, you cannot use anything for any reason without first having an Avian Vet examine and diagnose your birds. What you are doing can kill them as the Ivermectin is very dangerous drug even for dogs, so with birds, you may very well kill all of them.

Find an Avian Vet not a dog and cat vet as they are not even licensed or trained to give you any advice whatsoever about birds. Even people using Ivermetin with their dogs use a liquid and sometimes the side effects kill their dogs, so please consult with an Avian Vet before giving any medications or treatments on your own.

As for the vaseline, this will kill the birds as well. What this kind of product does is to end up covering bird's entire body resulting in suffocation because all pores are closed up. Never use this product or anything like it on birds. Please only give medicines prescribed by an Avian Vet in your area or within driving distance.


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