Ivory's hard life

by fabrizio

Zebra Finch - Ivory

Zebra Finch - Ivory

HI all,

I got a tremendous support last time from posting here, and I hope I hope I can get the same this time. Ivory, my little white Zebra Finch girl, has health problems.

We don't know what happened, but she started biting her toe to bleeding. She did bite the toe enough that now she has only two left, and we need to keep a band on her left foot (which is the only one who is still working, since she is not able to pull the other one up).

We did go to an avian vet who says the only way is to operate her since the toe is not healing correctly by itself, but the probability she will survive surgery is unclear. We are leaning toward to not do surgery, and we are keeping a bandage on her foot. She is obviously trying to remove the bandage, but when we tried she kept biting her toe to bleeding again.

As you can see in the picture, her neck is kind of dry/sinking in. This worries me a bit..but apart from not drinking enough water, she seems to be fine.

We did prepare a hospital cage, we kept her there for a week but now we prepare the big cage with paper towel, low level food and water, and everything else to at least spend time with her sister.

I don't even know why she keeps biting her toe. We are giving here antibiotics and anti pain liquid by mouth every day, but I was planning to slowly stop and remove the bandage (giving her some ointment on her feet).

Any help/suggestion is highly appreciated. I am heartbroken seeing her sitting on her belly and not doing anything. She was crazy active and I hope she will recover.