Jack and Rose my 2 Green Cheek's.

by Megan

Rose on her back.  =]

Rose on her back. =]

I got my 2 green cheeks from a breeder near where i live.
They were just babies(around 3 weeks old)i had to hand feed them.
Jack flew first. i was so proud of him, Rose looked upset because she couldnt fly yet. But she started flying a couple of days after.
I had to get them a bigger cage to share because they out grew there other one. I have a Cockatiel as well named Nibbles. I introduced them to each other and Nibble's got scared(he's a big chicken, he's scared when he looks out the window and a bird flys past).
When ever Jack or Rose turned around and stuck there tails in Nibbles face, he always nips it and then runs away, its so cute.
I made them a jungle gym for them to share, they absolutely love it. Im teaching Jack and Rose to turn around. Rose Turns half way but gets stuck with her footing and neally falls off.
Rose is in the Picture i posted. She loves lying on her back, and loves her belly rubbed. She gets so excited that she nibbles on her little toes. Jack hates lying on his back but he likes the harness, but Rose doesnt - they have competely different personalities.
When i go to there cage Jack always pushes Rose out of the way to get out first. One day he Pushed her off the purch completly. When they sleep they cuddle together with there heads under each others wings.
There around 2 Months old now, there still growing there beautiful red tail feathers.
They once fell asleep laying on my Mum, it was so cute.

Rose is more of a biter then Jack is, but she doesnt bit hard she just nips at you when you do something that she doesnt want you to do. For example when your patting her head and you stop she trys to make to keep doing it.

I got home today from grocery shopping and we had a total disaster, my next door neighbours dog was out so we went to take him back, and my 2 little maltese ran outside being excited becasue we were home not knowing that there was a massive dog in our front yard. My dad called them back inside and when he went to open the front door, out of no where Jack ran out the front door -he wasent even supose to be out of his cage. My dad grabbed him before he could fly away, he doesnt have his wings clipped too. Rose and Jack have taught themselves to open the gate and let eachover out, naughty birds. the cage has a latch and everything so they cant get it open, the latch obviously doesnt work for them.

They absolutely love cooked carrots too.

Thanks for reading =]

Jack, Rose(Green Cheek's), Niblbles(Cockatiel) and Megan =]

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Feb 05, 2010
Jack and Rose my 2 Green Cheek's.
by: Linda

Your story is very heart warming, and very happy you are so good to your birds.

The thing about getting out of cages can and will cause many problems in future though. You will need to buy a small padlock complete with key to ensure they stay in cage when put there. Homes are very dangerous places and outside is much worse, so take steps to protect them now. You can try other forms of locks for cage, and some of them can be dangerous for birds who know how to work things out and escape. I'd just buy a small padlock that comes with keys and make sure you know where the keys are at all times. This will ensure their safety. Even though it looks clever and cute right now, it is a deadly talent to have for a bird. Take the proper steps now to keep them safe, and you'll be glad you did.

Thanks for writing and sharing your wonderful story and good luck with the Houdini escape artist Jack has become. I've known many like him, and the padlock WILL work, and he won't be able to figure it out either. He may try escaping a different way though, so keep a sharp eye out for this. Sometimes birds will raise up their food and water cup closing and get out that way. Breaking bars on cages is another way, and so hope your new cage has swivel out cups and thick enough bars so they cannot chew through them. I knew a Cockatoo once who chewed through the bottom pan of her cage and just fell out on the floor quite without notice!!! Her cage was flimsy, and when checked had broken bars all over as well. Bigger more rough birds need larger guage bars and wire for cages so they cannot break them. Birds are smart and quick, so keep watch on them and their tricks.

Good luck and God's Speed!

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