Jackie - help with training

i have had my African gray parrot for 8 month, he never been handle before i got him ,now he lets me touch his head and a few other things ,but still wont come on my hand ,he is 18 years and never been handle, but he coming along ,but the last few month when he comes out of his cage he keeps lifting his leg up ,but when i put my arm to him he backs off ,whot can i do ,thanks for your help Jackie ps i all so have a Amonson and every time she cant see me she screams ,she screams quite a lot i know Amonson do but she gos mad thanks

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Nov 27, 2011
will not step up on your hand
by: Anonymous

when you put your hand up to him, does he touch it? do you put your hand right under his belly? when my caique wouldn't get on peoples hand, we started off by picking him up. (like cradeling) then eventually he got used to hands and stepped up on them.

good luck with you AGP.

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