Jade plant safe?

by music lover

are the leaves and limbs of jade plants safe for parakeets to nibble on. i have a parakeet that i let fly arround the house with clipped wings and im afraid she might land on the jade plant and get sick from eating it

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Jun 22, 2011
But on the list
by: Brett

On the list you link to, Jade plants are listed under "non toxic foliage."

Editor's note: Yep, you are correct. I removed part of her post. Thanks!

Feb 08, 2011
Jade plant safe?
by: Linda

There is a list of safe and not safe plants and wood on this site, and I suggest you look at it. non-toxic for birds list

Get your birds wings clipped at the Avian Vet's before he gets seriously injured or killed. It is not safe to allow bird to fly all over because they will eat anything they see and can fly into walls, mirrors, tv sets, stoves, toilets boiling pots on the stove. They don't know any better, and you do, so get 6 long primary feathers at the ends of each wing clipped so bird glides to the floor and gets no lift to fly all over. Keep bird away from any toxic plants you find on the list here and only use safe, clean wood for perches.

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