Jami and Brenda painting and new carpet

Have 3 yr old green cheeked conure. Getting new carpet over a large area of main floor and painting living room where Mario's cage is. How do we keep him safe? Can he be sequestered in a bedroom, moved to the lower level of home, or must he leave the house. We don't really have anyone to have keep him except our daughter who lives next door. Would be perfect if not for the cats!

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Feb 06, 2010
Jami and Brenda painting and new carpet
by: Linda

Birds will have to be out of house for both new carpet AND the painting. New carpet has to gas out all the dyes and foam padding which would be about a week. THE PAINT IS YOUR BIG PROBLEM, AND BIRDS WILL NEED TO BE OUT OF HOUSE FOR A MONTH DEPENDING ON WHEN LAST COAT IS APPLIED TO WHAT ROOM. COUNT A MONTH AFTER LAST COAT IS ON IN HOWEVER MANY ROOMS YOU ARE PAINTING. IT TAKES PAINT A LONG TIME TO CURE OUT OR GAS OUT. If you have any other pets, they will also need to be out of house for at least a week or more.

Contrary to some people's belief, latex paint is TOXIC until it is completely dried and cured/gassed out. This takes up to a month, so err on the side of safety for your birds.

Make NO mistake, if they come home sooner than that, they will die from exposure to toxic fumes. Even when we can no longer smell anything, paint is still gassing out its toxicity, so keep them next door for a month to be sure.

As for your daughter's cats, keep birds in their cages and in another room or keep the cats in another room whichever one works for you. If the cats have NEVER been taught to hunt and have not hunted, they probably won't bother the birds while they are in their cages. If they have hunted, birds will need to be in a room with a screen door on it, so air and heat can flow through and birds can be protected from cats.

Being that it is winter, it may take paint longer to gas out since you may not can open house up to help in the process. Open at least one window and set up a fan to help get the fumes out right after painting. Keep in mind that these fumes are also harmful to you, cats, dogs, fish as well as the birds.

Thanks for writing BEFORE you paint and carpet because the paint will kill your birds, and so will the new carpet until it also gasses out.


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