Jardine parrots

by cindy

i got a jardine parrot yesterday who is 1 and half month old.... he likes to cuddle by me at all times. i still baby feed him. i want to find out if they are able to talk and at what age to they start...

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Nov 03, 2009
Jardine parrots talk?
by: Tracie

Some Jardine's Parrots talk and some do not. That goes with other species that are known for talking too. My mom has had both a Jardine's and an African Grey parrot. The African Grey only said a couple words even though my mom was with the bird 24/7. The Jardine's said a few words, but repeated sounds and whistles more than words.

Every bird is different, just spend time with your bird and repeat words and phrases that you want the bird to repeat. If you develop a relationship with the bird, so that the bird sees you as a part of the flock, it will want to communicate with you.

If you need help with training, we have articles on our Parrot Training page that can help you too.

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