Jardine won't eat and constantly screams... why?

by E.Botha
(South Africa)

I've had my hand reared Jardine (Georgy) for nearly 5 days now. He is 11 weeks old and is on 2 feedings a day. He was doing well and eating regularly every morning and evening. Last night when I got home after work, I took him out of his cage and same as every other night, he would squawk (talk) while I prepare his formula. Last night he ate a lot, his crop was full, and yet he wanted more food, I did not continue feeding.

After eating he still would not stop squawking, it was not the same as previous, it was a constant screaming. I then prepared grated fruit and fresh veggies for him and put him back in his cage and covered with a blanket (as we are in the beginning of winter here in South Africa) and it was already 8pm.

This morning, my Jardine only ate like 2 spoons full of formula and refused to eat more. AND he was still squawking and screaming like the night before.

I am very concerned and I?m not sure if something could be wrong with my Jardine or if they do sometimes act like this when at this young age ???

I would really appreciate some advice.

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Apr 23, 2010
Jardine won't eat and constantly screams... why?
by: Linda

Hi, this is Linda and sorry it's taken me a while to get out here and answer this.

I feel that your bird may not be well and in need of an Avian Vet if you have one there where you are. If there is an Avian Vet, take the baby in to check for infection which is what this sounds like.

Going off the feed is very telling in that it's the first symptom of a sick bird. So, get him checked out by an Avian Vet and go from there.

After he gets a clean bill of health or meds to clear up any infection, start weaning him onto an organic, high quality pellet like Harrison's which Tracie carries out here. A few seeds are okay, but right now, when he is learning to eat regular food, offer him only the pellets. You may also need to soak them with a little water so they are soft as babies are not used to hard food yet. Keep the fruit and veggie down to no more than 10-15% of the diet. Harrisons also makes a delicious (to the birds) Birdy Bread mix which is also here and will give an added dimension to his weaning.Be sure to get the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor to put in it and you'll be set. Tracie carries several kinds of the organics and babies like a variety of shapes, sizes and textures when learning to eat, so you may wish to try a small amount of several of them.

Let us know what the vet has to say, because this sounds like a sick baby to me, and they go down quickly at this young age, so take him in as soon as you can.

Talk later...

Apr 23, 2010
Jardine baby not eating
by: Tracie

I am not a breeder, so I am not sure. I would call the breeder and discuss this with them right away. I was hoping that Linda, a lady who answers questions here, would see this and answer this for you. She must have missed this one or wasn't sure either.

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