Jardine's Parrot Falling Constantly

by Haleigh
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

I recently adopted a 4 month old Jardine's Parrot in seemingly perfect condition. However, as his first few days with us have progressed he's seemed to go from calm and cuddly to hellbent on trying to escape.

He was given a clean bill of health prior to adopting him but gut feel is telling me that may not be the case. He's constantly sneezing, swaying and stretching out alternate wings like an ice skater on one leg. He also keeps falling AND jumping off his perch, off our shoulders or anything he may be standing on. His wings were clipped prior to us adopting him. As a result he's damaging a lot of his feathers. He also spends a lot of time puffing himself up, not in an attempt to make himself look bigger, as he almost brings all of himself into a tight ball and then he puffs up his feathers.

His diet has remained the same and we work on a relatively rigid routine as best to reduce stress. We've also added playing and training in order to keep his mind active and busy with different activities.

Unfortunately I'm stressing myself for information about him and I'm battling to find any to answer these questions.

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Jun 30, 2015
Jardine concerns
by: Tracie

You say the bird has been "given a clean bill of health" but you don't say who examined him. If an avian vet gave this bird an exam, you should call that avian vet and tell them what your bird is experiencing.

If an avian vet did not examine the bird, then find an avian vet. It's just impossible to tell what is wrong without examining the bird and getting all the history from you. It would be irresponsible for anyone to suggest anything without an examination.

There could be nothing wrong with your bird. It could be the wings were clipped incorrectly and the bird is hurting. It could be it is fighting an illness.

It sounds like you are a great bird owner. Call the vet, call an experienced breeder, get opinions from people that have either seen the bird or can examine the bird and go from there.

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