My mom's Jardine's Parrot is still a baby, but boy does she like to cuddle.

Jardine's Parrot Picture Jardine's Parrot Photo

The pictures above of my mom's Jardine's Parrot were taken when she brought her Jardine's home at 4 months old.

Her Jardine's Parrot will get more color when it molts the first few times. It will eventually have the orange feathers on it's head and wings, but it already has the gorgeous black rimmed feathers all over.

Mom still has not determined her name as of 10/2006. She thought it would be Jardi, then Marlie, and now she calls her Cuddle Bug. The last one is more of a title than a name.

We did lots and lots of research before deciding on this Jardine's Parrot. We found that they can be nippy, but that you can work with them to help them not be.

We found that they can become one person birds if you don't let other handle them often. We combat that by letting her 9 grandchildren hold the bird at least once a week when they come over. I hold the bird several times a week.

This Jardine's will let anyone hold her! She is nervous with the 6 and 9 year old, but she never tried to nip them.

When someone comes by her cage, she comes over to them. All we have to do is put out our finger near her feet and she will get on. Then she leans forward encouraging us to bring her to our chest.

Once we bring her close, she cuddles up under our chin and sometimes makes little baby noises. Oh it is birdy heaven at it's best. She just stays there loving the petting and cuddling until we put her back or pass her on to someone else.

I know all of this may change as she ages, but for now we are delighted with her personality.

I forgot to mention that she also has great fun with all of her toys. She loves those rope orbs and rings. So far she has never been afraid of a new toy or been bothered by mom rearranging her cage while she is still in it.

And best of all, she eats everything my mom offers her. She is a real pig bird. We are thrilled that she loves Harrison's Bird Food and all of the vegetables, friuts and nuts my mom gives her.

I will update this story as she ages with information and pictures. Come back for a visit in 2007.


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