Jenday attacking and screaming

by Liz

Hi to everyone,

I have just recently gotten a Jenday Sun Conure...I'm wondering now...what have I gotten myself into? He was given to me from a neighbor because her husband threatened to throw the bird in the bird. So now I'm thinking that I have got an abused bird.The other day he flew off my shoulder and flew on my husbands shoulder and bit his neck...Oh gosh,I felt so bad about that. But we figured out why he done that. My husband has a beard and mustache and so did the man that was going to throw him in the barn and we just 2 and 2 together and that is why he attacked my husband.He was always locked away in a room and covered up. I guess he doesn't know how to act with us being with around him and giving attention.

He has never taken a bath...the poor thing doesn't know how to I guess.

Is there still hope for him? I have had him for about 2 weeks or more.He won't play with his toys and he cannot stand to be in the cage.The only time he goes in his cage is at bedtime.If you put him in his cage during the day he will throw the biggest fit and just keep screaching that really loud screach that makes your hair stand on end.

Any advice and help would be so gratefully appreciated

Thank you so much for your time.

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Nov 10, 2008
jenday attacking and screaming
by: Anonymous

I hope it turned out okay for you and your bird. Our jenday conure has attacked before and I think it is due to jealousy. He bonded with me and against everyone else. It has gotten better. I had a job where I had to leave for weeks at a time and my husband and our bird had to get to know each other and get close. It has worked out okay. We have all been together for seven years. You can only do your best. Any changes are very hard for a bird. They are super sensitive and have a limited way of communicating with us (mostly vocally). Sometimes it can be irritating and frustrating trying to make things right. As you know, love is very powerful and that is what will fix most any situation. I sure wish you well.

Jun 16, 2008
Jenday Attacking....
by: Anonymous

Oh Thank you so much.
Believe it or not,he is sitting here in living room in his cage and he is (knock on wood) being really good. Your right,patience is what he needs.
I feel so sorry for him.It brings tears to my eyes knowing how he was treated before I got him.I took him to the Vet and had his wings clipped to avoid the attacking again.But after he is used to my husband I will probably never have his wings clipped again.
I spend at least three hours or more everyday with him sitting on my shoulder and when I do house work he stays right here on my shoulder.He's my baby and I will do everything I can to make him happy.
Thank You so Much,

Jun 11, 2008
i too have a rescued bird..he is a great pet
by: Anonymous

I rescued a Quaker parrot over 2 years ago now. He came from bird rescue facility that had many, many neglected and abused birds. It took a few months for my Quaker to gain trust in me. He still does not like my husband however my husband continues to hold and pet him even though he does occasionally bite him.

I think with a little patience and a lot of love you will have a good pet. Quakers are mostly a one person bird where as a Conure can make a great family pet, they are very social and love to play.

I think there is a lot of hope for him/her. It will take time for him/her to be able to trust you and may take a lot of effort for your husband to gain his trust. Like yours, my bird came from a home where the original owner died and the lady that had him never let him out of the cage and was in a room with little interaction with people.

My bird started taking baths a month or more after we brought him into our family. I use a light spray bottle when he is out on his gym and he loves it and leaves when he has had enough.

Give him a chance he will come around. Soft speaking, kindness and love will go farther than you can imagine. A special treat when he/she is good will encourage him. We use a glass pie plate for our quaker to take a bath in when he is out but he still seems to like his water dish more! Best wishes

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