Jenday charging and biting

by Cindy
(mississauga, canada)

I just got a 2yr old jenday conure 2 days ago that is charging at the cage and trying to bite whoever talks to it. I purchased this bird from a local pet store two days ago and she's not coming out of her cage or allowing anyone to get close to the cage.

I really have formed a bond with this bird but i'm feeling confused about her behaviour. Sometimes when you call her and apporach the cage she's ok and then out of no where when you go up to her and say hello she will try to bite you. When she bites, she bites to break the skin. ( this is concerning ) which has already happened to me twice. I have children and i want this bird to be our family pet but I'm not sure if this is just because she's in a new environment and scared, or if she has had a bad past and not tame. I'm really hoping for this to work out. But i have concerns in regards to my kids and it becoming a saftey concern for them when their around her.

I got her from a local pet store in my area 2 days ago and there is a 15 day guarantee for return, should I return her and maybe buy a baby jenday? but If I can I want to stick it out and see if this is a behaviour that we can work with and change. Considering she's 2 and showing behaviour problems Is it to late to have her become affectionate and interact with us and allow us to hold her and be close to her?

If you can help out it would be greatly appreicated any comments or suggestions would be wonderful.

Thanks you!!

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Apr 14, 2011
Re: comment
by: Anonymous

Thank you Linda for all the great resources!!

I defiantly agree with you that this bird should see a vet to rule out any problems that might exist. I have an appointment tomorrow with an avian Veterinarian hopefully everything works out and this bird has a clean bill of health.
Also, I do agree with you that my children should not be inn close physical contact with this bird until it's tame and familiar with its surroundings. Although, both of them are older than 8 yrs old this bird is biting and scared and in a new Environment!!
If you, or any else, has some starter ideas that I can use to start my bird training and or ideas that can be useful that I can use now to help him/her adjust to its new home would be appreciated!! Linda, you were mentioning to find a small room where I can work with the bird with no distractions. What are some starter techniques that I can begin the taming process and what is some of the do's and don?ts before I begin this training?

Thanks again!!

Take care.

Apr 13, 2011
Jenday charging and biting
by: Linda

Well, unfortunately this is a case where you may have done your homework before buying a parrot of any kind. Most people do not know this, so don't feel bad. For one thing, your bird is not tame and has to be tamed and trained. Another issue is if this bird has never been around children, it will be a nervous wreck and will need to be worked with in a closed room like a bedroom where there are no disturbances. There is information on this site about training and taming birds and you can make use of that as well as a world of information available on the internet. Taming and training takes time because you are going to be attempting to win this bird's trust. Trust is earned, not freely given, and taking him back to pet store is not the answer because next bird you get will also need training and possibly taming as well. ( Parrot Training page. )

There are books on caring for birds on this site, and find one about the conures, read and study what your bird needs to be happy and healthy and go from there. Your children need not handle this bird until they are between 8 and 10 years old, and after you understand how to handle him safely. Parrots are exotic wild animals and can inflict severe injuries to people who do not know what they are doing, so do not allow the children to touch him or to be with you when taming and training. Make it very clear to them that they are not to try to take him from cage or to even open his cage without supervision and this is AFTER he is tamed, trained, examined by Avian Vet and settled into your home which takes weeks at least.

FIRST THING that you have to do is to have him checked out by an Avian Vet BEFORE any kind of training. Birds from pet stores usually have infections already from stress and being put with lots of other birds from other places. Please find an Avian Vet in your driving area and have him checked out thoroughly for any physical problems because a sick bird cannot learn because they just don't feel good.

Take care and begin to learn as much as possible about your bird, take him to a reliable Avian Vet, feed him high quality organic pelleted diet, NO people food or other junk food or drink and keep him away from children until they are old enough to understand how to handle him safely.

Thanks for writing and good luck,

PS you will get bit by this bird during the taming process, and so be prepared for this. He is what he is and will not be anything else until he trusts you and is no longer afraid.

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