jenday continues laying eggs in winter

by Lita
(Sarasota, FL)

my 23 year old Jenday conure began laying eggs a year ago during the spring.she has spentt 22 years with her bestie ( female quaker parrot). she would lay about three eggs at a time ,3times. since Thanksgiving two weeks ago she's laid 5 eggs and has another on the way. I've reduced her sunlight as soon as i noticed she was producig. I feed her Harrison's pellets, eggs with shell, upped her all her greens and nuts and fruits..including a powder suppliment. She is losing weight and feathers. I cant find a dr to see her for two weeks from this post. Any insight?

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Mar 19, 2016
Sun conures
by: Anonymous

Are you giving liquid calcium? We have a sun conure that started laying eggs and was so weak she could not hold herself up we gave her liquid calcium with a driper brought her back to life she produces lots of eggs and has never had any trouble since.good luck

Dec 10, 2014
Bird needs to be seen in person
by: Tracie

If you can't get an earlier appointment, and they won't answer your questions over the phone, then Call Gulf Gate Animal Clinic & Hospital at 941-312-1953 and see if they will help you.

This could be a medical condition, and trying to give advice over the Internet could bring more harm than good.

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