Jenday conure afraid of my boyfriend.

by Janice
(Moon twp Pa)

We just got my jenday conure, He loves me and goes on my shoulder and all that and is not afraid at all of me, but he hates my boyfriend he has been here the whole time, and doesnt do anything wrong, I know he might just one mate but even when he walks passed the cage he lunges at him and flys in the bars looks like he hurts himself and just bites the bars really hard while shaking them. and the 1st time I let him out he flew right at his face and bit him and wouldnt let go. And its happened more than ounce. please help I asked and researched so much but I can't get any help! I can't have a bird that won't even let him walk pass. PLEASE HELP!! i LOVE mY CHICKO SO MUCH AND I CAN'T THINK OF EVER PARTING W/O HIM!!!

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Aug 21, 2010
Jenday conure afraid of my boyfriend.
by: Linda

FIRST thing to do is take your bird to an Avian Vet for an exam to rule out physical problems that would make him like this. While there, have his wings clipped. Have Avian Vet clip the 6 Primary Flight feathers, and these are the 6 long ones at the ends of the wings. If you have not already had that done, do it before your boyfriend loses an eye or has to have stitches in his face.

Parrots are exotic WILD ANIMALS, and they behave in unpredictable ways, so when training a new bird, it is a must to have the Primary Flight feathers clipped which will help in training and will not allow him the "lift" to fly up and across. Make sure you only have the 6 Primary Flight feathers clipped because to clip up any higher cripples the bird and he will be in constant pain.

There are some training materials on this site, on the Parrot Training page, and you need to make use of them. I think there may even be some personal instruction available, not for free, but available. Before he can be trained, he must have be seen by Avian Vet to rule out physical problems. Parrots, as mentioned earlier, are exotic wild animals and will always be so. They have to be handled and trained by people who know what they are doing or serious injury can occur.

Once bird has a clean bill of health and has had his wings clipped, he will not be able to fly up or across. He will gently glide to the floor where you can pick him up. Once he understands that he does not have so much power anymore, he may start to settle in better.

Sometimes, handfed baby birds have been fed only by either a woman or a man. If both have not done the handfeeding, the bird will bond with the human of the same sex as his feeder and will not like the opposite sex.Most breeders understand this psychology about baby parrots, and obviously this one did not. He is actually AFRAID of your boyfriend, but will inflict major damage out of fear much like a fear-biting dog.

Once he has settled in some more, allow your boyfriend to clean his cage and do the feeding and watering if you have the swivel out cups.If you don't have swivel out cups then get a cage that does have them. WORD OF WARNING FOR YOUR OWN GOOD--KEEP THE BIRD OFF YOUR SHOULDERS AT ALL TIMES, because if birds cannot attack the one they want to attack, they will attack YOU with disastrous results to your face and eyes.This is called "displaced aggression", and parrots can and do bite their favorite people if they become agitated. Do some reading and study about the real nature of parrots and take the proper safety precautions. Good Luck and God Bless


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