Jenday Conure and Egg Laying

My jenday conure just turned three years old in May. A test recently confirmed the gender of my conure as female. However, she has not laid any eggs yet. I'm wondering, at what age will a jenday conure generally begin laying eggs? I've tried googling for info. on this matter, but found no real answers.

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Sep 23, 2008
Are you a breeder?
by: Tracie

This question is confusing to me. If you are a breeder and the bird has a mate, then I don't think you would be asking this question because a good breeder knows everything about the species they are breeding.

So I am assuming you have one bird and do not realize that it is not normal for a bird to lay eggs. Your bird will hopefully never lay an egg.

If you are wanting to become a breeder, please, please, please call a breeder in your area and get together with them. Go and help them for several months so that you have experience with many of the emergency situations that come up with breeding birds.

Ask them about the time and money they put into their business. Consider that there are already many unwanted birds that need homes and ask yourself if you are really supposed to be breeding in the first place? (I am not saying I know the answer.)

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