Jenday Conure anxiety hyper feather picker

by Jennifer Beasley
(Emmett ID USA)

I own a Jenday Conure, I have had him for 9 years. Ever since he was a baby he was a constant preener. When he turned one and a half he became destructive, and it has gotten worse and worse.

He has been tested for PBD and CHLAD. He is healthy in general what feathers he has are bright and shiny. He alos is anzious, and noisy.

He is fed Harrison's pellets and Zupreem pellets. I have tried everything to stop it except a collar. I almost have given up and ready to find a home where someone can put up with is behavior.

Dont get me wrong he is very loving to me but not to many others. I love Pierre and I am very atached I just have a hard time with this and wish I could better help his anxiety and pickin problems. (He is not a plucker)

I think Pierre is this way because of his anxiety causing bordom so he over preens. He has all the toys but dont like to play with them like he used to, he likes to tear thing apart like boxes and material, so I put them in his cage to keep him busy. I try to give him lots of attention but it is never enough.

What should I do?

Thank you Jennifer Beasley

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Jul 03, 2011
by: jennifer

Hi, I still have pierre and he still has social and stress problems. Still have tried everything, but getting him a companion. I was wondering if anyone knows of Avi-calm, and if it is good for a stressed bird? thanks Jennifer

Dec 05, 2010
jenday conure
by: Anonymous

ok does it matter the sex or species?

Editor's note: No, just make sure it is a bird YOU want, because it will need love and attention and will make noise and a mess just like the other bird.

Dec 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

I disagree, I dont think pierre is a feather picker because of hyperactivity. I believe his anxiety is do to bordem. He is only happy when being socialized by another. Thats why I asked would it make him happier to have something to socialize wiyh 24/7. Because i cant.

Editor's note: Just make sure you have the new bird in another cage so they don't fight.

Nov 24, 2010
Jenday conure
by: Jennifer Beasley

Pierre is still a very anxious bird, and requires a HUGE amount of attention. Sometimes i feel like he needs a 24/7 companion. Do you think he would benefit by having another bird to socialize with? and if so what should I get him? same species or not, same sex or not?

Editor's note: You may just end up with two hyper birds. If you get another bird, get another bird in another cage, because they may not like to be in the same cage together and would fight.

Sep 10, 2010
Thank you for your response
by: Jennifer Beasley

Hi, thank you for your info. Pierre as of today will no longer eat colored pellets.

Feb 09, 2009
Jenday Conure feather destruction
by: Tracie

Wow Jennifer, you have been through a lot with this bird!

I have several suggestions and some places where you can read more on the subject.

1) If the Zupreem pellets are colored, stop feeding them to him today! They often cause feather destruction problems. They are full of sugar and artificial coloring. You can read more about my views on this in our article on Parrot Health.

2) Many people have found great success with Kings No Stress. It is natural and might calm the bird down some.

3) Putting foraging toys and shreddable toys is great. Just make sure the things you use are safe for birds. Some cardboard has glue and toxins and other things may have toxic dyes.

4) Please read these two articles:

Bird Plucking help

Feather Plucking help

These articles are similar, but may help you understand things better if you read both of them.

I am sure others will read your post and chime in more help. Hang in there, your bird needs you. If you were to re-home him, it would just cause even more stress!

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