Jenday conure died suddenly...

by Raechel
(San Diego)

I had a Jenday conure who had got lost a couple day ago. We got him back within a few hours. The next day he was fine until that night. All of a sudden his tail was bobbing, he was breathing heavily through his mouth. He seemed he wanted to be around people but then right before he died he was trying to be as far away as he could.

He kept fumbling over himself once he had flown to the floor. His wings were spread making his out line look semi circular from an aerial view. Then he started looking like he was doing a back bend or like he had a cramped muscle in his back... the top of his head was almost touching his back.

my step-dad then picked him up and tried to comfort him but the bird then relaxed a bit and died. Do you have any possibly reasons as to why he could have died like this?

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Jun 06, 2011
Cunure death in San Diego follow-up
by: Hank

George, the Jenday that Raechel spoke of came back from the necropsy with a dignosis of acute hepatitis and a swollen liver. He had what I believe to be seizures moments before he died in my hands. I just brought him back to bury him. We took a tour thru the whole house together and I recalled all the things we used to do in all the rooms. Then I went out front and buried my friend.

Jun 06, 2011
by: raechel

Thank you anyway. Just out of curiosity does it at all sound familiar to anything? It doesn't need to be a diagnosis. Hypothetical possibilities would work perfectly well.

Jun 06, 2011
Bird died after being outside
by: Tracie

How tragic! I can't imagine getting your bird back only to have it die the next day. I am so sorry.

Dr B will not be able to tell you what exactly caused your birds death, sorry. You would have needed to take the bird for necropsy to find out what it may have contracted from the wild birds outside.

Be sure to sterilize everything in your home before bringing home another bird.

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