Jenday conure losing feathers

by Dawn
(Bunnell, Fl)

grey lose feathers

grey lose feathers

I have a jenday conure about 5 years old..she started losing feathers under her wing and on her breast..she seems to shake alot too...any ideas what this can be?

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Jun 07, 2017
UpState NY
by: Margaret

I just had a cherry head conure give to me and the body is all naked no feathers, it didn't matter to me that she was unsightly I took her anyway cage and all. But I live here UpState NY I don't know where to take her here to have her checked out

Jul 12, 2009
My conure's experience with loss of same area feathers
by: Karen Joy

Have you had any changes since the last posting in March '09?

My red-masked conure (aka cherry-head conure) is 27 years old now. Approx. 15 years ago he started the same way as your Jenday until he was completely bare on the breast, under wings, and on feet. We noticed that he would not let them grow back - he picked at any new growth. We lived in Colorado at the time and thought maybe it had to do with the dry climate, etc. The avian specialist cleared him medically and thought it was more likely psychological, because we had gone from working inside the home to outside. He was alone more often. Later we moved to FL and had an excellent avian specialist, Dr. Sam Backos, check him out. He was cleared medically. We tried one of those plastic shields that made him look like a radar dish. The feathers did grow back, but not in full coverage of the areas, except the feet. He most likely had damaged the growth potential by all the years of plucking new growth before you could even see them. When we took off the collar, he plucked out what did grow. He has had many visits to the vet for check ups since them and does fine with the bald areas. When you look at him, you see the bald breast and legs. All else looks perfect. That's our Spock. Like having a bald 27-year old son.

Mar 22, 2009
Jenday Conure losing feathers
by: Tracie

I have never had a bird with a bacterial infection, so I don't know what test is run for that. I am not saying that is what your bird has though.

It is really important to know what is wrong and not treat something you "think" it is while the real problem just gets worse.

If at all possible, find an Avian Vet to look at your bird. It is very worth driving 2 hours to get to a reputable avian vet. I hope your bird gets better soon.

There is a "natural" vet in Colorado that can help you once you have a diagnosis, if you want to treat your bird naturally. He is the first vet listed on our Find a Vet list in Colorado. Find an Avian Vet

Mar 21, 2009
by: Dawn

Thank you so much for the reply.
We first thought maybe she was moulting but she actually has a bald spot under her wing and knew that is not normal.
Can you see the feathers in the picture..they look like grey down feathers...YES she does drink from a as you say it could be a bacterial infection..any idea the process the vet takes to verify that?

Mar 21, 2009
Jenday Conure losing feathers
by: Tracie

It could be any number of things, so the best thing to do is to take your bird to an avian vet asap. It can be dangerous to treat something you "think" it is while ignoring the real cause.

If your bird drinks from a dish and not a Lixit water bottle then it could be a bacterial infection.

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