Jenday Conure not bonding

by Kay
(Solvang CA)

I HAD a lovely green cheek conure who just loved me. he would shower with me and scruggle up in my hair and make the cutest little noises in my ear. He has since passed on and I was broken hearted.

Since then I purchased a Jenday conure who is a year old and has little to no socialization to begin with. We are working on in and out of the cage; out of the cage only on a stick, never my finger.

I miss my green cheek awfully; he used to ride on my shoulder, nibble my ear and was generally quite agreeable. It is difficult not to compare the two.

Waldo needs time I know that but I still try working with him a little bit at a time. He sits on or in his cage all day. I talk to him constantly, telling him he is a good bird; he is.

What am I doing wrong? He has so many toys in his very large cage and he touches them all every day so I know he is not bored. HE LOVES nutriberries and I have sent to the MacLeod company to purchase gourmet treats for him.

PLEASE tell me what to do. He is adorable and I would love to get to where he is comfortable with me. Thoughts?

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Jul 17, 2015
Jenday conure bonding
by: Tracie

I know it is difficult, but birds are a little like people in that they are all different and not all are cuddly or interactive. We have a saying in the bird world, to let the bird pick you when visiting a breeder to find a bird companion.

You are doing the best you can, keep it up! Eventually the bird may become more comfortable with you and pick you as his favorite flock member.

We have some bird training articles at this Parrot Training page link if you would like to check them out.

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