Jenday Conure, Willie can send a 117 lb German Shepherd to his kennel.

Jenday Conure Picture, Willie

This is Willie, my 2 year old Jenday. He shares our home with a Hahns macaw, a Cockatiel and two very large German Shepherds. Willie is second in command only to the Hahns, who's name is Thunder.

I got Willie after we had gotten Thunder who bonded with my wife and I wanted a bird of my own. When I went to the bird store, Willie picked me. He had been in a cage with other Jenday's and they had pulled all his tail feathers out.

With a warning fluff and raising his wings he can send my male shepherd that weighs about 117 lbs. off to his kennel in a hurry. Conures are about the most comical birds I have ever seen. Willie loves to have the underside of his wings and his neck scratched.

Lovable, comical and above all playful. Conure's are great.

Harold Hart
Johnson City , Tn.

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