jenday question

We were given a jenday about 4 months ago, from and elderly friend. He is getting used to us. He has now started taking food he does not like and putting it in the grate of his cage. Only in one corner. Then he scrapes his beak against the cage. Is this normal?
He sounds like he is planning an escape.....

we love him, and want to understand him. I also think he is molting, he has some pokey things coming out of his feathers........

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Jan 04, 2009
Jenday Conure questions
by: Tracie

I don't think he is planing an escape, but he hopefully is wanting to get out and be with you. :-)

Birds rub their beaks to clean them, because it feels good (we think) and sometimes frustration it seems.

We have birds that "clean out" their food dish to make sure it only has the preferred food also. We only offer pellets in the morning on a regular basis, so they know if they throw them out, they go hungry until the next meal. They don't throw them out any more. ;-)

We offer other healthy foods and treats later in the day and they can throw them out all they want and have fun.

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